DCFR Members
DCFR is proud of its diverse and growing membership. Provided are the names of some of our current members along with their professional titles. Please use the Contact Us page for further information on connecting with the DCFR network.
Board of Directors

Dean Fritz Mayer: Chairman                          Polly Cox: Vice Chairman

Robert Lantz: President                      Erik Underwood: Vice President

Susan Weil: Treasurer                  Bruce Campbell: Assistant Treasurer

Paul Viotti: Director Emeritus       

Katie Kaplan: Program Coordinator

Committee Chairs

Briston Jones: Membership Co-Chairperson

Robert Kunze: Membership Co-Chairperson

Robert Lantz: Speaker Chairperson

Sid Brooks: Special Events & Partnerships Chairperson

Polly Cox: Nominating Committee Chairperson
Honorary Chair

Daniel Ritchie

Board Members

Bart Alexander  ♦  Bill Bass  ♦  Sid Brooks

Bruce Campbell  ♦  Polly Cox  ♦

 ♦  Bruce Finley  ♦  Patrick Hall

Boyd Hight  ♦  Briston Jones  ♦  Jeff Kolb  ♦  Robert Kunze

Robert Lantz  ♦  Fritz Mayer  ♦  Ved Nanda  ♦  Julia Patterson

Suzie Robinson  ♦  Tom Rowe  ♦  Eliza Shalamova  

Brent Shapiro  ♦ Jackie Rodriguez Somand  ♦ 

Joseph Szyliowicz  ♦   Erik Underwood  ♦  Susan Weil

 Emeritus Board Members

 Paul Viotti  ♦  Richard Wohlgenant

DCFR Board Meetings
DCFR Board Meetings are typically every two months on Monday afternoons. Board meetings are open to all DCFR members. Please notify us if you would like to attend the next meeting.

Upcoming Board Meeting
February 7, 2021
Location: Korbel and Online Meeting

Membership List

Bart Alexander
Principal Alexander and Associates, LLC

Kevin Archer
Korbel Faculty

William (Bill) Bass
Retired Immigration Attorney

Linda Battalora
Colorado School of Mines Faculty

Britt Bayer

George & Noelle Beatty

Sid Brooks
Retired U.S. Bankruptcy Judge

A. Bruce Campbell
Ret. U.S. Bankruptcy Judge; former partner Davis, Graham & Stubbs; former partner Otten, Johnson, Robinson, Neff & Ragonetti

Rob Clinton
Attorney / Property Manager

M. Lynne Conner

Polly Cox

Anastacia Dadashpour
Grants by Design

Fredrick (Tim) D'Amour
Retired Lawyer

David Finley
Colorado College Faculty

Bruce Finley
Denver Post Reporter

Thomas Fitzgerald
Retired Educator - Colorado Academy

Arthur Gilbert

Lewis Griffith
Director International Security Program - Korbel School

Michael Groshek

Frederick Grover
UC-D Medical School

Patrick Hall
International Policy Digest - Editor

James & Amy Blatchford Hecht 
James: Research management with DuPont Corp, then Adjunct Professor in Political Science at the University of Delaware. Amy: Ret. Dean, College of Health Professions at Temple University

Boyd Hight
Retired Partner O'Melveny & Myers

Christine Honnen

Briston Jones
Xcel Energy

Jeffrey & Allison Kolb
Jeff - Retired International Banking Executive
Alison - International Relocation Consultant

Ved Nanda
DU Law Faculty - Director, Nanda Center

Julia Patterson

Maria Petermann
Retired UN Staffer

Nancy Petry
Retired International Education

Jackie Rodriguez

Edward (Tom) Rowe
Josef Korbel Faculty

Richard Sanders

Donald W. Schiff
Doctor  at Children's Hospital

Kathi Schlegel

Kenneth R. Scott
Attorney/War Crimes Prosecutor

Eliza Shalamova

Brent Shapiro
Regional Security Consultant & Lecturer

Norman Singer

Mason Smith
Former HealthCare CEO, Retired US Army Colonel

Gayle Stallings
Gayle Stallings Agency / Denver Sister Cities

Joseph & Irene Szyliowicz
Korbel Faculty & Spouse

Cedric "Ric" Tarr
Retired Professor

Ali Thobhani
Metro State Faculty

Jan & Phyllis Updike
Doctors / Educators (both)

Paul Viotti
Korbel Faculty

William Weintraub

Richard G. Wohlgenant
Retired Attorney

Donald Yale
Retired: CEO / President - Retail