Dr. Juan Lindau has taught at Colorado College since 1989. He received a B.A. in Anthropology from New College in 1977, and an M.A. in Latin American Studies from Standford University in 1980. He received, as well, an M.A. (1985) and a Ph.D. (1987), both in Political Science, from Harvard University. He primarily teaches courses on Comparative Politics and Latin American Politics, and actively participates, outside the department, in the History/Political Science major and the International Political Economy major. Several of Professor Lindau's courses are offered in both English and Spanish and students can elect to take the course in either language. Dr. Lindau has taught off-campus courses, both during the summer and the regular academic year, in Mexico and Costa Rica.

He has a long-standing scholarly interest in the drug war, the object of several of his journal articles. His other primary scholarly interest is immigration to the United States from Latin America. He has received the Colorado College Teach of the Year award, and the A.E. and Ethel Irene Carlton Professorship.