Dr. Joseph Szyliowicz's expertise of Turkey includes numerous research projects funded by Columbia University, the Social Science Research Council, the Ford Foundation, the Fulbright Commission and the Rand Graduate Institute. He was a founding member of the Turkish Studies Association and served as its President, and established the American Research Institute in Turkey, serving as its first Director. Dr. Szyliowicz has lectured at various Turkish security organizations and has also been a Senior Fellow at various academic institutions in Europe, the Middle East and Asia including St. Antony's College, Oxford, the Harry Truman Institute and the Institute for Advanced Studies (Hebrew University and Bilkent University (Ankara).

Recently retired from teaching at Josef Korbel School after decades of service, Dr. Szyliowicz continues an impressive research and consulting agenda centering on the Middle East with emphasis on the state of Turkey as well as the politics, economics, and complexities of major technology and infrastructure projects both in general and in that region of the world. The author of more books, articles, reports, and monographs than can possibly be listed here, he is also the founder of the University of Denver's Intermodal Transportation Center, and a former Director of the Rocky Mountain Middle East Seminar. He has worked with NATO, APEC, and the China Council for International Cooperation & Environmental Development amongst others, and has served as a fellow and lecturer worldwide. He has contributed op-ed pieces and has appeared on National Public Radio, the McNeil Lehrer News Hour, and Voice of America.

He is a former President of the Denver Council on Foreign Relations.

​​​​​​​Turkey Rising: A New Era for the Eastern Mediterranean?
​​​​​​​Spring 2013 SIUE International Speaker Series​​​​​​​