Dinner Meeting - Concluded  - 11.16.2016

Dinner Meeting - Concluded
Jan Techau is the Director of the Richard C. Holbrooke Forum for the Study of Diplomacy and Governance at the American Academy. He is an expert on European integration and foreign policy, transatlantic affairs, and German foreign and security policy.  Before taking over the Holbrooke Forum at the Academy, he was the director for Carnegie Europe, the European think tank for the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.  He has also served in the NATO Defense College’s Research Division, as well as the German Defense Ministry’s Press and Information Department.
     What’s next for Europe after Pax Americana? This is a crucial question not just for peace and stability and Europe, but for the future of the liberal world order as a whole. As America’s willingness and ability to guarantee peace and stability in Europe is dwindling, the traditional instability of Europe returns.
     Its eastern and southern neighborhoods are in turmoil, Russia seeks to change the post-Cold-War order, and Turkey, Europe’s coming big power, engages in strategic free-ranging. Internally, populist uprisings, volatile party systems, Brexit and the weakness of the European integration project put additional pressure on a continent under stress.
     What role will the U.S., will Europe’s nations, will Russia and China play in the future order of the Old World? What role for Germany in particular? And what signals will this send to the West’s friends and adversaries around the globe? Jan Techau, director of the Richard C. Holbrooke Forum at the American Academy in Berlin, will try to provide a few answers to the strategic questions dominating the transatlantic agenda.