Dinner Meeting - Concluded  - 03.02.2017

Dinner Meeting - Concluded
Today, around the globe 65 million people are forcibly displaced as refugees, asylum seekers or internally displaced persons. This is the highest number since the end of the second world war and the effect of an increasing number of complex, larger and protracted crisis situations. Many more people are on the move to escape poverty and seeking a better life elsewhere. The large majority of the forcibly displaced are hosted in developing countries and the biggest movements of migrants happen between developing countries. Maybe for that reason these moves have, for long, not garnered much international attention. The perception rapidly changed when, in 2014, desperate Syrian and other refugees and migrants started to move into the EU in large and unprecedented numbers, by land or sea and in unsafe conditions. Europe became a destination out of despair, and Europe struggled with handling an unparalleled situation in the face of its permeable borders. Dr. Renate Hahlen, Minister Counselor of EU Development of the European Union Delegation to the United States of America, will talk about the EU’s achievements since then The EU has moved to put some order to uncontrolled inflows of people and moves between its member countries. Innovating practices, regulations and instruments in record time, the EU addresses the internal and external dimensions of people on the move.
Mixer at 6pm-6:45, followed by dinner and speaker 
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